How is a back order created in Mamut Business Software?

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A back order is created in Mamut Business Software when an order is invoiced that has a to be delivered for an amount that is less than the quantity of the order line. In order to create a back order, pleae proceed as follows:

1. Click View - Sales/Invoicing - Order Registration and select the order for which you would like the back order to be created.

2. Edit the To be delivered column of the product line to a value less than the Qty. (Quantity) of the order line. For example, if there is a Quantity of 20 on the order line and you have 9 products available to deliver, then set the To be delivered column to 9.

3. Click the Invoice button, in order to invoice those 9 products.

4. After the invoice process is complete, Mamut will automatically create a back order for the remaining 11 products. You can see this back order by clicking on the Order Hierarchy icon.

5. Click on the Back order to see the details of this back order.

Please contact the Mamut Support Centre if you have any further questions.


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