How do I produce Invoices for Services?

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When invoicing in Mamut Business Software you are required to have a product to Invoice. Although services are not a stock item it is still required to create a product for the service.

To create a service product follow the below process:

1. Select View – Product – Product Register.
2. Click New (CTRL+N).
3. A Product Number will automatically be generated. You can change this if you wish.
4. Add a description in the Product Name field
5. Click Save.
6. Close the Product Register.
Your service product has now been created.

How to create an invoice follow these steps:

1. Select View – Sales/Invoicing – Order Registration.
2. Click New (CTRL+N).
3. The Contact list will appear, select your customer and click OK*

*If it is a new customer you can create a new customer contact from the Contact window, click the New button to create a new customer, enter the customer’s details and tick the customer box to the right of the address field. Click Save and close the contact management window. On the Sales and Invoicing Screen click New, select your new Customer and click OK.


How to add your services product to the order:

1. Select the order via View – Sales/Invoicing – Order Registration.
2. Click the Show Product List button under the Product lines tab (CTRL+Shift+L).
3. Find your services product in the list and click OK.
4. Adjust any details you require, for example, description, price quantity etc.
5. If you require a detailed description of your services you can add order line text by clicking the Edit order line description button (CTRL+Shift+E).
6. When you are satisfied click the Invoice button on the top toolbar to turn the Unprocessed Order into an Invoice.

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