www.mamut.net/yourfirm is the correct address for your website

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www.mamut.net/yourfirm is the correct address for your website

In September 2007, Mamut moved all customer websites published with Mamut Business Software from mamut.com to mamut.net. As a result, your web address was changed from mamut.com/yourfirm to mamut.net/yourfirm


At this time, information about the change was sent to all customers with registered sites.


We have noticed that there is still traffic to your website which is coming via the old web address mamut.com/yourfirm. This traffic is currently being directed automatically to mamut.net/yourfirm. This forwarding is soon to be stopped.


By the end of 2010, all traffic to mamut.com/yourfirm will no longer be forwarded.


Traffic to you the old web address is most likely the result of incorrect forwarding from domains, incorrect linking, or the use of old bookmarks and favourites. To avoid, your customers receiving an error message, we ask you to correct this as soon as possible.



What you need to do:

As a general rule, traffic to your old web address www.mamut.com/yourfirm is due to one of the following reasons, and all of these should be checked and possibly updated:

 1) You have purchased a domain from a supplier other than Mamut/Active 24 and traffic is forwarded from this to the old web address.

Solution: Contact your domain supplier and update the forwarding to http://www.mamut.net/yourfirm. Alternatively, you can move your domain to Mamut/Active 24 and in addition make the most of the benefits of increased integration between your domain and website. Contact our sales department on 0800 358 4698.


2) You have linked directly to mamut.com/yourfirm and not to mamut.net/yourfirm from your own or another website.

Solution: Correct the links which are pointing to the wrong address. Please note that this also applies to sub pages.


3) You or others are using old bookmarks or favourites, which link to the old web address.

Solution: Update bookmarks/favourites and inform your contacts about the correct web address.


We recommend that those concerned rectify this as soon as probable, to avoid visitors to your website being directed to an error page. Search engines such as Google and Bing are already updated with the new and correct web addresses. Please note that pages will not be removed or deleted, as all pages that were previously on mamut.com/yourfrim will now be on mamut.net/yourfirm.


What should you do if you want your web page deleted from our server?

If you still have access to your website from the Mamut program on your computer, you are able to deregister/ delete the website yourself.


To delete/deregister your website, select View – E-Commerce – Website Settings, the tab Admin, and click on Deregister Website.

If you no longer have access to your website via Mamut, you will need to get the Mamut Support Centre to delete your website. For this we require the website name, web code, web user, and the email address the website was registered with. Send this information to support@mamut.com including a message stating that you would like to delete your website.


If you have any questions please feel free to Contact the Mamut Support Centre by sending an email to support@mamut.com. Please note: the Mamut Support Centre is unable to help change the settings of domains purchased from a supplier other than Mamut/Active 24.