How do I enter a Duty/Freight invoice from within the purchase module?

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In order to create a Duty/Freight invoice, please proceed as follows:

1. Go to View - Purchase Order - Purchases.

2. Find your existing purchase order from which you would like to create a Duty/Freight invoice. If you do not have an existing purchase order, then you must create one.

3. Click on the Post Purchase Invoice icon (Ctrl+B).

4. In the Invoice type drop-down menu, select Duty/Freight invoice.

5. Enter the appropriate information including Supplier no., Invoice no. and/or CID. Change the Invoice date and Due date if necessary.

6. Enter the appropriate amount in any of the fields that apply.

7. Ensure that the VAT is set correctly.

8. Click on the Invoice button.

9. You will now receive a message that the PI has been entered to the ledger.

10. You can view this entry in the financials by clicking View - Accounting - Financials.


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