How do I add a user as an SQL administrator on the SQL Server 2008

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In SQL Server 2008, there is no longer a tool to add a user as an SQL administrator. This can now be done by running a script on the computer where the SQL Server has been installed.

To run the script, the user must be temporarily defined as an administrator on the computer where SQL Server is installed. After the script has been run, this permission will be removed.

How to enter the user as an SQL administrator:


1. Create a new TEMP folder on the root of the hard disk on the server, if it does not already exist.
2. Download the script from here, and choose to save it in the TEMP folder.
3. Extract the contents of the file to the same folder.
4. Log on to Windows as the user that is to be added as SQL administrator.
5. Run the script addselftosqlsysadmin.cmd located in the TEMP folder.
6. Enter the name of your SQL instance. See the Readme file if you do not know the name of the instance.
7. In Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, the user is added automatically. In Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 a dialog box appears where you can choose your username. The correct username should already be allocated, but uncheck the box in order to protect the machine. Click OK.
8. The script is completed; you can press any key to close the window.

If you have multiple users to add, then they must also login to Windows on your computer and run the same script.

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