General information on the move to a new Application Hosting platform

1. What is meant by new platform?
We have set up the whole Application Hosting again, next to the current platform. Here we have brand new servers with updated hardware and software. All customers will be moved over to the new platform.

2. Why are we doing this?
The new platform will provide greater stability and performance for our customers. We can also offer Microsoft Office 2016 support for multiple browsers.

3. When will we moved over?
The plan is to move all customers during the late summer / autumn of 2016. The move will take place in the evenings. You will receive notification by e-mail in advance of the move, which tells you when you will be moved. You will also receive a new email confirming that the move is completed. Emails will be sent to all existing users on the email address used on the current Application Hosting.

4. What will be moved?
All data in the Mamut program, all files under H and P-drive and all email accounts and data in Outlook will be moved. All data should be provided in the same manner as before. If you have the Office package, you will get Office 2016.

After moving;

5. How do I log in after the move?
You log into the website, with the same username and password you used previously. Login and startup programs work as before. The main difference is that the address is changed, so please update your bookmarks to point to It will no longer be possible to log onto the old address

6. Why do I get Windows Security window with a password field when I open Outlook?
The Password that was stored in Outlook on the old platform has technical reasons not to move to the new platform. Therefore, you must enter the password to your email account again. Enter the password in the Password field, tick the Remember credentials and click OK.

7. Why it fails sending / receiving email in Outlook?
The likely reason is that the password is not transferred (see previous point). The solution is to enter the password again:

Click File - Account Settings - Account Settings in Outlook.
Mark email account and click Change.
Enter the correct password for your email account in the Password field and click Next.
Outlook will then run a test to determine if your email account is set up correctly. Click Close when the test is completed.
If the test was successful, click Finish.
Repeat steps 2 to 5 if you have multiple email accounts.

8. What if I do not remember the password for my email account?
If you do not remember the password to your email account, please visit the website of your email provider. There will usually be a forgotten password function. Alternatively, please contact your email provider.

9. What do I do if I use Application Hosting on Mac via Remote Desktop app?

Click Remote Resources button at the top of the Remote Desktop app.
Replace the address in the URL field with
Click Refresh and close the Remote Resources window.
You can now start the programs in the same way as before.