Mamut One

Quick Installation Steps


Please follow the instructions below to download and install/upgrade to the final release of Mamut One.


Step 1 - Create a Backup

  • If you can log into your Mamut software, please perform a backup of your database using the instructions below:


  • If you cannot log into your Mamut software, please use the Windows search tool to locate 'mData tools'.

Run mData tools and login with your regular mamut log in.  You should be able to create a back up from here.

(You can also find mData tools at the default location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mamut\DataTools)


Step 2 - Check System Requirements

Check the all computers on which you wish to install the update meet the minimum system requirements:


STEP 3 – Download and Save and Run the installation

Please remember that if you have a server-client setup, the update must be performed on the server machine first.


1.  Click to download the installation file

     In the File Download window, choose Save.

2.  Choose where to save the installation files, for example, C:\Temp or your Desktop and click Save.

     Note:  If you download via Microsoft Explorer or Edge, you might receive a warning that the download is blocked.

     If this happens, simply click the Download icon and the three dots on the same row as the file you want to download.

     Select Keep to let the download finish.

     (We recommend you continue to keep the downloaded MBS24.0.1052.exe file in case you require it again in the future)

3.  Once the download is complete, locate and double click on the downloaded MBS24.0.1052.exe file.

4.  An Admininstrator warning will be shown and asks if you wish to install.

     Approve this.

5.  In the WinZip Self-Extractor window, make sure the boxes: 'Overwrite without prompting' and 'When done unzipping open' are ticked.

6.  Click Unzip to extract the files.

7.  Click OK to the message that the files are extracted successfully.

8.  The installation wizard will now start.

9.  If you are installing in English, please make sure to select English (United Kingdom).

     (There is unfortunately a bug in the English (Ireland) language pack)

10. If you are upgrading from an earlier version of the software, please ensure you select the same install type as the original installation.

11. After the software has been updated, start Mamut.

     If this is on a single-user or server installation, Mamut will now update the system files and your company databases, if necessary.

     Do not be alarmed if the window appears to freeze; this step might take some time to complete.

12. When this step has been completed the update is completed.

Additional update installation guidance can be found at the following link: