Payroll Solution: Mamut Payroll

Mamut Payroll is a user-friendly payroll solution developed specifically for small and mid-sized businesses.

The feature rich software allows you to professionally manage your company's payroll in-house and is affordably priced for even the smallest business.

Mamut Payroll 18/19 is now available to download here

Mamut Payroll is a white labelled product and is developed and supported by Qtac Solutions Ltd

Key Features

  • Manage the payroll for all your employees
  • Calculate PAYE for all tax and National Insurance codes
  • RTI compliant
  • Includes Auto Enrolment
  • With just a few clicks you can pay all employees that have a fixed salary
  • Incorporate Statutory Sick Pay, Statutory Maternity Pay, Statutory Paternity Pay etc.
  • Electronic filing of P35\P60's plus in yeaer documents like P45's and Å60's
  • Single or batch printing of reports
Detailed functionality Matrix
  • Multiple companies
  • Auto Enrolment 
  • RTI Compliant 
  • Comprehensive employee & company details 
  • Tax for all PAYE codes 
  • Gross to Net & Net to Gross 
  • Error correction facility 
  • Payments can use hours & rates 
  • Unlimited customisable additions & deductions 
  • Reducing balance loans\court orders 
  • Holiday reporting 
  • 1-2 & 4 weekly, monthly & annual pay periods  
  • Calculator mode: one-off calculations 
  • Facility to pay all employees at once  
  • Single or batch printing of payslips 
  • Laser & security payslips available  
  • Reports include P11, P14\P60, P35 
  • Additions & Deductions by any tax period & YTD 
  • IR remittance report & nominal ledger posting summary  
  • Print & print preview options for reports 
  • P45 Cecker  
  • Week 1\Month 1 tax basis & weeks 53,45 & 56  
  • Multiple pay weeks (e.g Holiday pay) 
  • Working tax credits, SAP & SPP  
  • Student Loan Scheme facility  
  • NI calculated on exact or table methods 
  • Multiple pension schemes 
  • Accounts for K tax codes regulatory  
  • Sick Pay calculation 
  • Maternity Pay calculation 
  • Comprehensive context-sensitive Help Screen 
  • Password protection 
  • Save reports in PDF, RTF, XLS and TXT formats 
  • Offline calculator supports multiple tax years 


Mamut Payroll Start - up to 10 employees - £180*

Mamut Payroll Standard - from 11-50 employees - £300*

Mamut Payroll Pro 100 - from 51-100 employees - £468*

Mamut Payroll Pro 250 - from 101-250 employees - £684*

Mamut Payroll Pro 500 - from 251-500 employees - £900*

Mamut Payroll Pro 1000 - from 501-1000 employees - £1056*

Mamut Payroll Pro Unlimited - Unlimited employees - £1680*

*all prices are excluding VAT and cover a one year subscription. The price includes telephone and email support and updates to the software.



Auto Enrolment

Auto enrolment affects all employers in the UK, and with our knowledge we can help you prepare for auto enrolment to make sure you avoid the pitfalls.. With Mamut Payroll will make auto enrolment a more straightforward experience for you and your employees. We have also produced a selection of guides which can be found here and here

Features include

Workforce Assessment

  • Understand who in your workforce will be eligible for Auto Enrolment prior to staging
  • Assessment and Automatic Enrolment of eligible employees*
  • Continual Assessment of your workforce*

Configure Postponement

  • Allow postponement on staging dates*
  • Allow postponement on start of employment*
  • Allow postponement when an emloyee becomes eligible*

Day to Day Auto Enrolment Management

  • Allow employee opt in\opt outs
  • Cessation of automatic enrolment pensions
  • Bulk amendments (phased contribution levels and pension provider movement)

Employee Communications

  • Create the correct, personalised communications for each of your employees*
  • Automatically prepare communications to all of your employees

Auto Enrolment Audit

  • Allows you to view hstory of Auto Enrolment activity by employee

Pension Provider Communications

  • Automatically manage Pensions data and payments
  • Pension file templates for new members and contributions,.
  • A user friendly configurable pension provider communications tool that will allow you to create the correct data files in the correct file format, allowing you to securely upload to your Pensions portal or send to your Pensions Provider.

*can be configured to run automatically as you run your payroll.


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