Visma Business is a fast and versatile business management solution designed for everyone in the organisation, including business, technical, production and administration team members. Take a product tour below to see how we can help your organization. 

Visma Business is built from the ground up using scalable and flexible technologies. Our modular architecture allows for fast and easy installations and upgrades.

The system is deployed in over hundreds of locations and easily scales to handle millions of transactions on an annual basis. Visma Business supports industry-strength security with high-level of data encryption and data storage. This ensures compliance with industry regulations and government mandates.

Visma Business Server

Visma Business is built on the Windows platform but is also supported on Linux. Our optimum use of resources allows for high performance with nominal hardware.

Visma offers a standard windows client. In addition we also offers a thin client as a windows or web service.
Multi-layered that allows for load-balancing and server farms. Ensures our system is scalable to suit any business need, while giving high reliability with no single point of failure.
Industry-strength security with high encryption and data protection. Our state-of-the art security ensures compliance with industry/government regulations.
Supports MS SQL or Oracle with real-time access, built-in redundancy. storage encryption and scheduled backups.

Visma offers “tight” integrations with other Visma systems:
• Document Flow
• Zpider
• Payroll.