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Promoting informatics and computational thinking

| Visma Life

It’s no secret we need more talented people to keep up with the fast development of the technological world. And it all starts with education: investing in getting the younger generation interested in STEM subjects but also encouraging adults to choose a career within tech. That is why we engage in partnerships, local investments, and sponsorships that have a positive impact on society.

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Visma Ski Classics celebrates its 100th event

| Sponsorships

La Venosta Time Trial marks the 100th event since the start of the championship in 2011. The event also marks Visma’s 67th as the title sponsor. Learn more about our Visma Ski Classics journey and all the fun and exciting activities we initiate through our sponsorship.

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Software for smart run businesses

Our software simplifies processes and makes data understandable and easily accessible for businesses, organisations and the public sector.

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