Making Tax Digital

Looking for a Making Tax Digital ready system for your business?

Visma has a range of fully compliant MTD products for small businesses and larger enterprises.

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Run your business with user-friendly accounting software for Apple Mac

AccountEdge offers powerful, yet straightforward accounting. Ideal for running small to medium sized businesses.

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Mamut One

Mamut One Office and Enterprise is a complete and flexible ERP system

Run your business with one seamlessly integrated system, keeping track of your customers, sales, projects, marketing and accounting needs.

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Visma Business 

Visma Business is the leading management tool in Northern Europe

With special focus on efficiency and optimisation, Visma Business creates new opportunities for thousands of organisations every day.

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Mamut Payroll

Flexible, user friendly payroll for businesses and payroll bureaux

This feature rich product allows you to professionally manage your company's payroll in-house, or as a bureau.

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Blog articles

Øyvind Larsen, CEO Visma Software AS

– If you want to retain your employees, you need to invest in technology

| Business

“A friend of mine got offered a new job last year with a fancier title and higher salary. Two months later, he returned to his previous employer. Why? Because the new employer had outdated and poor technology. He couldn’t stand using his time on repetitive tasks.” We talked to the CEO of Visma Software AS, Øyvind Larsen, about the importance of investing in the right technology to retain your employees.

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Tommie Cau, HR expert

The HR expert: How to adapt to the digital workplace

| Business

What changes will we see in the workplace and the way we work? We have talked to Tommie Cau, an HR expert, speaker and advisor, about what we can expect of the future work life and how companies can adapt to succeed with the new normal, and digital, workplace.

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Software for smart run businesses

Our software simplifies processes and makes data understandable and easily accessible for businesses, organisations and the public sector.

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