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Top Support Notes

FAQ No.     Case description
2024792   Licence & Registration FAQ's
2025212   AccountEdge system requirements
2025220   AccountEdge macOS 10.14 Mojave compatibility
2025229   'AccountEdge is not optimised for your Mac'
2027001   Making Tax Digital
2024801   Sharing company files with AccountEdge Plus NE

Pay Payroll

All payroll related queries, employees, HMRC submissions, reporting, and payroll year end.

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FAQ No.    Description
2025217   How to pay SMP, SPP, SAP, or ShPP
  Printing P45's
  Employment Allowance Guide
2025189   'HMRC service appears to be working slowly'
2025190   'Your Full Payment Submission has failed'
2025127   Correcting paycheques
2024653   Employee leaving work / terminating an employment
2025126   Sending employee leaving date to HMRC
2025182   Correcting 2017/18 final period Full Payment Submissions
2025205   Error 1046 - Authentication Failure
2025192   Automatic Enrolment Guide
2025105   Pension Setup & Reporting
2025150   HMRC submission deadlines
2025218   Full Payment Submission:  Error 4065 - Invalid content found at element 'ECON'
2024661   Accruing Holiday & Sick Leave Entitlements
2025206   Error 2000 - The Gateway could not locate a record...
2025178   Sending the last 2017/18 Full Payment Submission after 19 April 2018
2025223   Payroll Year End Guide 2017/18
2025183   Sending 'Final Submission' if not sent with last 2017/18 FPS

Accounting Accounting & Financial

Banking, reconciliations, VAT, financial year end, foreign currencies, financial reports, editing / deleting transactions

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FAQ    Case description
2024648   Out of balance bank reconciliation
2024713   Deleting or reversing transactions
2024729   Unable to delete or edit a transaction
2025207   How to report debtors/creditors as of a specific date
2024724   Out of balance debtors/creditors reconciliation
2024655   Financial Year End Guide
2025164   Foreign currency invoice payments to different currency banks
2024737   Changing the Local Currency in a multi-currency company file
2025165   Reverse charge reporting for VAT
2024821   Performing an Initial Bank Reconciliation
2025226   End of AccountEdge license agreement

Sales Sales / Purchases & Stock Control

Sales & purchase invoicing, quotes, orders, customer/supplier payments, reporting, items and stock related.

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FAQ    Case description
2024724   Out of balance debtors/creditors reconciliation
2025207   How to report debtors/creditors as of a specific date
2024713   Deleting or reversing transactions
2024729   Unable to delete or edit a transaction
2024667   Customer/supplier overpayments and money 'on account'
2024651   Recording Credit Notes and Debit Notes
2024672   Bad Debt Provisions & Bad Debt Write-offs
2024668   Paying a supplier who is also a customer - and vice-versa

 Technical Printing / Emails / Networking / OfficeLink

Error messages, printing, OS X, registrations, email issues, connectivity, networking, backups, and system related issues

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FAQ    Case description
2025210   Reports appearing blank
2025161   'An error occured sending email'
2025236   'Not authorised to send Apple events to Finder. Error -1743'
2025237   Empty Excel Reports or Word Templates
2025238   AccountEdge events not appearing in Apple Calendar or Reminders
2025228   Dropbox backup or connection failing
2025210   Setting default report fonts & sizes
2025211   Setting the company file (.myo file) default application
2025225   'An error occurred while creating the AccountEdge company file'
2025201   Email attachments not being sent with emails
2025209   Printing blocks & squares instead of text
2024801   Sharing company files withAccountEdge Plus NE
2025128    WiFi network performance with AccountEdge Plus NE
2025163   Changing the default email application
2025097   AccountEdge quits when starting
2025154   'Unable to open company file; file may be locked or in use...'

AEC AccountEdge Connect & Mobile

Setup and use of AccountEdge Connect (previously called AccountEdge Cloud) and AccountEdge Mobile companion products

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FAQ    Case description
2025096  PDF  AccountEdge Mobile Setup
2026000   AccountEdge Connect - Setting Up 
2026001   AccountEdge Connect - Overview
2026002   AccountEdge Connect - Creating a Sale from a Purchase or a Purchase from a Sale
2026003   AccountEdge Connect - Purchases Register