Printing Blocks & Squares Instead of Text

ArticleID: 2025209            Last updated: 8 December 2015


After upgrading to Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan, some customers have reported that AccountEdge prints block characters instead of text.



This problem appears to be an issue with the Palatino font, of which El Capitan has created a second copy of the font.


Follow the steps below to resolve:

1.  Click an empty space on your Desktop so that Finder appears in the top left corner of your screen.

2.  At the top of your screen click Go> Applications.


3.  In the Applications folder, locate and double-click Font Book.

4.  Scroll down through the fonts until you get to Palatino.

5.  Click the drop down arrow next to it.

6.  Notice that you will have multiple copies of the font - click the one with the yellow exclaimation point.

7.  Click Resolve Automatically.

This should resolve the printing problem.


Alternatively, if this doesn't work, you can change the font that AccountEdge is using to print the affected reports. You can do this by taking the following steps in AccountEdge:

1.  Go to Setup> Preferences from the menu bar at the top of the screen.

2.  Click the Reports & Forms tab.

3.  Click the Reports button at the bottom of the window.

4.  At the top left is the Report Line setting - You will need to do this for each option in the dropdown (Company; Address; Report; etc.)

Switch the font from whatever it was set to (ie: Palatino) to another font (try Arial or Tahoma for instance).

After setting each Report Line font, click OK.

Try to print again - it should use your new font and resolve the issue.



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