Not authorised to send Apple events to Finder

Error -1743

Article ID:  2025236          Last Updated: 1 November 2018


This message can appear when attempting one of the following:

  • Sending reports to MS Excel
  • Mailmerging personalised letters to MS Word

The issue is caused by macOS blocking AccountEdge's OfficeLink Processor from sending information to Finder.



To grant permission for OfficeLink Processor to send information to Finder:

1.  Fully quit AccountEdge and Excel or Word by using each application's menu at the top left corner of the screen (next to the Apple button) and select Quit.

2.  Click the Apple button> System Preferences> Security & Privacy> Automation (in left panel)

3.  In the right panel, look for Office Link Processor and tick 'Finder'.  If present, also tick 'Microsoft Excel' and 'Microsoft Word' in the same window.