Authorising Making Tax Digital

Error 403 - Client or Agent not Authorised

Article ID: 2025240                      Last updated: 9 May 2019


When authorising Making Tax Digital, or attempting to Set VAT Period, you may receive the following error:

Error 403


This message is generated by the HMRC gateway and indicates that either your business, or the agent submitting VAT on your behalf, has not yet fully signed up for Making Tax Digital.

Firstly, view your emails:  Check that you have received HMRC's confirmation email indicating you have successfully signed up for Making Tax Digital.

If you have recevied HMRC's confirmation email, please logon to your HMRC online account and confirm the following:

  • Your company's account is fully setup for Making Tax Digital.
  • AccountEdge is displayed as your authorised product.
  • You can see your last non-MTD VAT return submission and details.
  • You are informed that you can no longer make manually entered online VAT submissions.
  • You have entered the correct VAT Registration Number in AccountEdge for this business.

If your online account appears to be correct, please do the following:

  1.  In your online HMRC account, select the option to remove authorisation for AccountEdge.
  2.  In AccountEdge's Setup> Company VAT Information window, untick 'I use AccountEdge for MTD VAT Return submissions'.
  3.  Follow step 2.4 of the VAT & Making Tax Digital Guide to authorise AccountEdge again.


If the problem remains, please contact HMRC directly and ask them to:

  • Check and confirm the status of your account.
  • Check and confirm that your business VAT account is not linked to any other HMRC services or accounts, such as personal self assessment accounts, or similar.
  • Check for any problems with your MTD security token.




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