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Mamut System System

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2022523   How do I download the latest version of Mamut?
2023494   Mamut Business Software cannot connect to the server
2023477   How do I configure the firewall?
2024896   How do I add a user as an SQL administrator on the SQL Server 2008
1005851   How to remove write-protection on all files in the database
2023748 Yes How to move data from one PC to another?
2023536   When Starting Mamut I receive the messsage "Invalid document location"
2023471   How do I move the document area?
2023514   What is the document area and what should I select in this field?
2023516   How to share a folder
2023488   How do I incerease the speed in Mamut Business Software
2023654   How do I resolve problems with Mamut Virtual Printer and printing to PDF
2024445   I cannot perform backups in Mamut
2023498   I receive error messages when printing reports
3000001   Changing the time format in Windows 10
1002993   How are user rights assigned in the program?
2024463   I receive a message that Mamut cannot contact the server on a single-user installation

Mamut CRM CRM & Timesheet

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2021893 YES How do I change the details on the contact card?
1000235   How do I create merge documents?
1005724   How to edit an existing document template
2022081   How do I set up a document template?
2022421   How do I add more user-defined fields?
1000013   How do I send an E-mail to a selection of contacts?
1003578    What is the Activities Module?
2023200   How do I create a new activity?
1002961   How do I specify that a contact is a 'Head Office'?
2021901   How do I enter Time Sheets

accounting Mamut Accounting & Financial

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2024225 YES How do I create a Remittance advice in Mamut
1004267   What does VAT liability mean?
2022416   How to add an additional bank account 
2022208 YES How do I process a bank reconciliation
2022209   How to add a nominal code to the list of bank accounts
2022578   How do I transfer money between my bank accounts
1005569   How to record opening balances during the creation of a new company database
2024568   How do I enter a purchase credit note journal entry
2022407  YES Year End procedure in Mamut Software
1005643   Why must profit/loss be allocated at Year End?
103474   How do I allocate my profit?
1001313   How do I allocate a loss at year end
2022406   Additional information on profit/loss allocation at Year End
1005663   How do I create a new Account in the Chart of Accounts
103436   Journal entry shortcuts
1005610   YES How do Journals work within Journal Entry
2023409  YES How do I reverse an entry within Financials
2023151    How do I empty my VAT accounts for Year End 
1005876    How do I set up Mamut for use with the VAT cash accounting scheme?
2022268  YES Payments on Account
1005854   How does Mamut simplify International operations
2022658   How do I create a currency account in Mamut?
1004545   How do I register a payment in a foreign currency?
2022165   How do I establish exchange rates for foreign currency?
2021902   Departments & cost centres
2022602   How do I setup a new budget in Mamut?
2022599   How do I set up a cah flow budget in Mamut?

sales Mamut Sales, Quotations & Invoicing

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1005698  YES How to create a Credit Note
2024228   I get the message "The Journal Does Not Balance -101" when trying to invoice an unprocessed order
2023638   How do I give a discount for early payment?
2022230   How do I create a batch order?
2024327   How is a back order created in Mamut
2022634   How do I create a sales order based on a purchase order?
2024374   How do I produce Invoices for Services?
1005721   How to create an order using a barcode reader
1005650   How to create a Quotation template
1005709   How to invoice a customer in another currency 

Purchasing Mamut Purchasing, Logistics & Pricing

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2022510 YES How do I create a product group?
2023638   Common Questions regarding discounts and pricing in Mamut
1002967   How do I use the price calculator
2022455   How can I keep track of my pricing history
2024564   How do I enter a Duty/Freight Invoice from within the purchase module
2021898   How do I reserve certain purchases for my customers?
1005609   How do I correct stock levels on my products?
2022231   How can I make manual stock movements
2023167   Why should I stocktake at year end
1005750   How do I create a Bill of Materials/Product Bundles in Mamut
1005655   Is it possible to use a bar code reader with Mamut?
2023174   How do I partially receive good on a purchase order?

web mamut Web Site/Shop

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2024507 is the correct address for your website
1003994   Create and edit product groups to improve the structure of your web shop
2023697   How do I select design templates for my website/webshop
2021984   How do I only use the Mamut web shop and not the website?
1005835   How prices are displayed in your web shop
1005612   Can I include HTML-coding on my Mamut web site?
1005675   Linking a domain name to your Mamut web site
1002792   How do I delete my Mamut web site

reports mamut Reports

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1005792  YES Editing reports in Mamut
1005705  YES How to add a logo onto reports and print-outs in Mamut 

addon mamut Add on products

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2023564    Mamut POS update for MBS 15 and higher