How do I create merge documents?

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Within Mamut Business Software, you have the possibility to create a document for a group of contacts using the Microsoft Word Mail merge functionality. This can speed up the process of any mail outs or direct marketing you may wish to use.

How to create a Mail Merge

1. Choose View - Document - New document.

2. A dialogue window for a new document will open. Write in the heading for the document and add any additional information that you require. Choose the document template that you wish to base the document on. You can choose the template from the drop down list.
Note! It is not necessary to set up a contact or contact person when you merge a document to several contacts.

3. Then click Create/Merge.

4. Choose One Contact or More than one contact (mail merge), depending on what you need.

5. Then click Next.

6. If you have chosen to set up a document for One contact, in the following window you can choose which contact you wish to set it up for. Then click Ok.
If you have chosen to set up the document for More than one contact (mail merge), in the following window you will be able to set the criteria for the contacts that you wish to use. When you have selected the criteria then click Ok. In the Filter window that appears, you are able to go through and check your selection and remove any contacts that should not be included. If the selection is correct, then click Complete.

7. There is now a new document set up in Microsoft Word that is formatted with the content of the chosen document template. Codes, for example name of contact, address and contact person are already set. The documents heading is also set automatically and you can now write the text into the document.

Note! If you have set up the document for More than one contact (mail merge), then you must click on ABC so that the content in the merged fields will be filled out. You can also go forward and back with the blue arrows at the top in the tool bar.

8. In order to print out everything at the same time, click on Merge to print.

You can now print or save the document as you wish.


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