How are user rights assigned in the program?

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The function for user rights can be opened through the menu Settings/Security/User Permission.

The different groups in the program are as follows:

  • The administrator has access to all clients and functions. The user who creates the user profile when starting the program for the first time is automatically the administrator, but it is also possible for several users to be administrators.
  • Those responsible for clients have access to functions with the exception of creating/deleting clients, inserting/deleting users and changing access control.
  • Standard users have limited access to functions that have broader meaning for the system. This includes the year end, the closing of a period, pay stubs, client settings and so on.

The configuration is such that all users in a group have access to both clients and functions that are connected to the group. A user can also be a part of several groups.

The window for assigning rights is divided in three, 'Users who are members of the user group', 'Company database users in user group have access to' and 'Functions users included in user group have access to'.

To create a new user group, click New in the window User Groups. Enter the name of the new user group in the top text box. Select the check boxes of the users you wish to include in the new user group, in the top left field. Also select the check boxes of the company databases you wish to include, in the bottom left field. Select from the pull-down list on the right the modules you wish to edit. The list of functions below the pull-down list change according to the selection you make here. Select the functions you grant access to for the new user group.