How to add a logo onto reports and print-outs in Mamut

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The Report-/Label Editor allows you to edit reports so that logos/pictures are included on the output.






Stage 1 - Add the logo to the report:

1. Select View - Settings.

2. Then click the Reports button followed by Report/Label Editor.

3. Under the Reports tab, select the report you wish to add your logo to and then click Edit.     The selected report/invoice is opened in the Report Designer (editing mode).

4. Decide where the logo should be placed. If there is another field occupying where you wish to place the logo, it can be moved to another place in the report. Alternatively, you can change the size or delete any fields that you do not require.

5. A small Report Controls toolbar appears on the screen. Click on the Picture/OLE Bound Control button within the Report controls.

6. The function to add an image starts. As you move the mouse pointer over the report template you will see that the mouse pointer has changed from the usual arrow to a plus sign (+).

7. Select the logo’s preferred location, i.e. hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse so that the desired location is selected. With the desired location marked, release the left mouse button.

8. The window Report Picture appears. In the field File, state where on the hard disk the logo lies, either by directly writing in the full path to the file, or by clicking on the button following the file field (the button with three small dots) to browse to the file manually.

9. When you have chosen the logo, progress by choosing how the logo should be treated in relation to the marked location:
Clip Picture: the image/logo retains its original format and only as much of the image is shown as there is place for in the frame.
Scale picture, retain shape: Scale the image/logo so that it fills up the frame without that the relationship between height and length being amended.
Scale picture, fill the frame: scale the window so that it fills the whole frame, without consideration to the relation between height and length.

10. Finally, click on OK to place the image on the report/invoice. It is still possible to select the logo and adjust its positioning by using the mouse pointer or the arrow keys.


Stage 2 - Default Report Area:

To print the amended report (with logo), you must ensure that you print the report from Company Database level (because it is at this level the reports are changed). An overview:

1. Select View - Settings.

2. Then click the User button.

3.Under the Settings per Module tab select Reports.

4.Under the Reports tab, choose Company Database Reports from the drop-down list for the Default Report group.