How prices are displayed in your web shop

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In Mamut Business Software you can select how prices are displayed in your web shop from among several new options . For example, you can decide on whether units of currency should be rounded up, the number of decimals visible and the price prefix and/or suffix you wish to be shown. The settings can be made in Website Settings.

This is how to proceed:

1. Click on the button Website Settings from the menu in the E-Commerce area of focus.

2. Select the tab Settings (Webshop).

From this tab, you can choose the settings which define how prices are displayed in your Webshop. Any changes you make are shown at the bottom of the window under Example.

  • Price prefix: The currency code specified in company database settings is suggested here. If you wish, you can change this to EUR, £, or similar. If you prefer the currency code to appear after the price, you can enter it in the Price suffix field below.
  • Incl. VAT/Excl. VAT: Choose whether the prices are to be shown as gross or net. If you sell to business customers, you usually quote prices without VAT, as they are usually able to reclaim the VAT. Retail prices to private customers are usually expected to include VAT.
  • Rounding type: If you select to show prices as whole currency units, the orders from the web shop will also be rounded. This is done regardless of the settings for the Sales and Invoicing module.
  • Decimal symbol: Choose which decimal symbol is to be used on your web site. This is normally the comma (,) or the full stop (.).
  • No. of decimals: Choose how many decimal places you want to show in prices. The higher the unit prices, the less common it is to include decimal places. The rounded prices will also be transferred to the order.
  • Price suffix: If you wish, you can also add a suffix after the price, such as EUR, GBP, or similar. If you choose to show prices without decimals, '.-' can be added after the price. If you also wish to use Price prefix, both may be added.

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