How do I create a batch order?

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If you are creating several orders for a customer but only wish to send them one invoice, then you can use your Mamut Business Software to create batch orders.

To create batch orders:

1. Go to View - Sales and Invoicing -Order Registration.

2. Click on the small arrow next to the New icon and select Unprocessed batch order.

3. Fill in the product line details and any other areas in the same manner as you would a standard order. You can now print off any delivery notes etc.

4. Continue to create Unprocessed batch orders as required for you customer(s).

5. When you wish to invoice the customer for their multiple order, navigate to one of the unprocessed batch orders and click on the Invoice button.

6. The Batch Invoice Wizard will appear. Select the Active order, All orders or a Query of orders and click Next.

7. Select the relevant orders and move them to the Included window using the transfer arrows. Click Next.

8. Click Next again to generate an Unprocessed batch order report.

9. Click Complete to transfer all selected Unprocessed batch orders to one order.

10. You can now process the order to invoice.

If you have any further queries relating to batch orders, please contact support.

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