How to add an additional bank account in Mamut Business Software

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Mamut Software contains certain default accounts in the Chart of accounts. However, to customise the program to fit your company's requirements, you can set up additional bank accounts or currency bank accounts in Mamut Business Software yourself.

The following steps will show you how to add an additional bank account in Mamut Business Software.

First, you will need to create a new account in the Chart of accounts:

1. Click on the View - Accounting - Chart of Accounts menu.

2. Click on the List icon (CTRL + L) and use the Chart of Accounts List window to see the appropriate nominal code you would like to use. For example 1200 is the standard Bank Current Account. So, if account 1201 is not present then it could be the number to use for the additional account.

3. Click Close.

4. Click New and type the name for the new bank account.

5. Click on the Advanced tab.

6. Check the Bank Reconciliation check-box.

7. Check the box Bank/Petty Cash

8. Save and Exit the Chart of Accounts.

The Bank Reconciliation screen will now include this nominal code in the Nominal Code selection drop-down menu.

A list of appropriate nominal codes is presented in the Default Payments - Receipts Accounts window when registering a payment to a supplier or receipt from a customer. When new bank accounts are created in Mamut Business Software, it may be necessary to include these in the N/C drop-down box within this window.

To do so:

1. Click on the View - Settings menu.

2. Click on the Accounting button.

3. Click on the Module Settings tab.

4. Click on the Receipts - Payments Accounts button.

You can add your new bank account in this screen and this will be reflected in the Default Payments - Receipts Accounts window.

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