Why should I stocktake at year end?

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Good stocktaking routines can mean good use of your time.

We recommend that a stock take be performed after all stock transactions for the previous year have been registered and prior to any stock transactions being registered for the upcoming year. In Mamut, this can be done by delivering all orders in the order module, receiving all goods in the purchase module, creating any necessary stock movements in the warehouse module and by stocktaking.

When stock taking is undertaken, there should neither be registered sales or purchases that effect stock. If, however, this is necessary, you will need to take this into account in the stocktaking list. The Stocktaking module in Mamut will adjust “Current Stock” and “Counted Stock” when registering sales/purchases in Mamut, however the stock taking need to be restarted so that these changes can be retrieved.

Stocktaking Routine

1. To ensure that all stock transactions are up to date you should run the following tool:
Go to File – Database Utilities – For Support – and select Calculate to Customers and in Order.

Go to File – Database Utilities – For Support – and select Recalculate Stock Value.

2. Print out the Stockvalue list in order to have a summary for stocktaking
Go to File – Print – and select Product on the left hand side. Print out the report Stockvalue list. This will give you the stock list needed for you stocktake.

3. Print out Stocktaking list, this will be of value when running the stocktake.

Important! If you use serial numbers, consignment Id’s, or best-before dates, you must print out a separate report for this. This report can be found in the reports module under Stocktaking Report: serial numbers, consignment, or best-before date.

Perform Stocktaking

1. Conduct the stocktake.
Go to View- Warehouse – Stocktaking.
Stocktaking in Mamut can be stopped and continued at any time. Simply press Cancel, answer No to the question “Is stocktake to be updated?”. Now when you restart the stocktake you will be asked “Do you wish to continue stocktaking”, answer Yes.

2. In order to perform this stocktake the System date I Mamut should be set to 31.12.20xx, so that the stocktake is processed in the correct year. To change the system date, you must close all windows in Mamut and go to File – System Date and select the date 31.12.20xx in the Calendar and click OK. Once the stocktake has been performed, you must change your system date back to the current date. Simply to File – System Date and select the appropriate date.

3. Print a new Stock value list
When the stocktake is completed you should print a new Stockvalue Report. Go to File – Print and select the Stockvalue. This will be the correct Stock values for the current year.


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