MYOB Products

If you’re currently using MYOB software, you will be aware that MYOB withdrew from the UK in May 2008. We appreciate that changing business software can be inconvenient, however here at Mamut we’re making the move to our award-winning business software as seamless as possible.

Mamut AccountEdge for Mac - in partnership with Acclivity

In April 2010, Mamut was pleased to announce the launch of three new products, Mamut AccountEdge, Mamut AccountEdge Plus and Mamut AccountEdge Pluse NE, for the Apple Mac platform.  The products were launched in partnership with Acclivity, the global developers of the award winning AccountEdge series of accounting software. The Mamut AccountEdge products have several exciting new innovations.

Mamut's AccountEdge product range is the latest generation of what were formerly the MYOB Mac products.  The upgrade from existing MYOB Mac solutions is simple and seamless.  Existing MYOB customers in the UK have the opportunity to upgrade to a Mamut AccountEdge solution at a discounted price.  

“This is a really positive development for MYOB Mac customers,” said Jonathan White, a leading independent chartered accountant. “A significant number of our customers currently use the Mac version of MYOB. They will be reassured that this agreement between Mamut and Acclivity will enable them to continue with this market leading product on their preferred platform.”

Using MYOB on a PC?  No problem!

If you have an Apple Mac available, you can seamlessly and quickly upgrade your PC's company file for use with AccountEdge on a Mac. Whether you're upgrading from an MYOB Mac or PC product, all your data will upgrade directly to AccountEdge, along with all your product knowledge, knowhow and experience!

Mamut AccountEdge products are available directly from Mamut and through associated resellers and channel partners in the UK.

For more information, click here or contact us on 0800 032 5616 or email

MYOB Activation & Confirmation

Please note that the company file Activation & Confirmation service provided by MYOB was planned to stop working on 31 December 2011. As a result of feedback from customers, we have been advised by MYOB that this has been postponed and we are pleased to announce this function will continue to allow users more time to make transition arrangements to alternative software.

If you require an activation or confirmation code, please contact the Mamut Support Team on 0207 153 0900 (option 3) or email

You will need to provide your company name, MYOB Serial Number and the Company File Code.