Enhanced automation for small businesses

Automation runs in the code of our products

At Visma, we're constantly innovating to make people's lives better.

Free up time to develop your business and create the best foundation for your future

At Visma, we're dedicated to help small business owners save time, gain more insights, and improve their businesses. Our measure of success? When our customers love to use our products. Below are a few examples of automation in our software.


Data flows and APIs

A prerequisite for automation is the ability to handle data flows from different software, and here APIs act as bridges and allow the exchange of data.

It's this data integration that allows software to talk to each other and update your systems, saving you hours of typing, for example. Simply because data is automatically registered from one software to another.

Powered by automation

To make your work more efficient, we constantly increase the level of automation in our software and bring new solutions to the market.

For bookkeeping

Get rid of the manual work with intelligent automation that creates up-to-date bookkeeping for you and helps with daily routines.

For accounting offices

Save time with features that help you organise your clients and daily work. See the tasks you have to react and automation deals with the rest.

For payroll

Use automated checks and features so that employees get paid the right amount, right on time.

Smart banking solutions

The future of accounting is here. Built-in company bank accounts and payment cards reduce friction and remove errors, while keeping everything in one place.

100% automated

Get everything synced automatically when you or your customers pay. No posting errors or manual work.

Control and traceability

Quickly and easily track and match transactions between your bank accounts and your accounting software and check if all income and expenses are posted correctly or if there are any discrepancies you need to take care of.

Quick and easy bookkeeping

Reduce the time you normally spend manually posting and reconciling bank transactions. No more downloading bank statements or manually importing them into your accounting software. It's all done automatically.

Bring money in faster

Put your money to work faster. We frequently release new features so that entrepreneurs get their money quickly and securely.

Cash flow forecast

Ensure liquidity and positive cash flow. With the cash flow tool, you know when it’s optimal to bring the money in.

Automated reminders

Seize the opportunity for automation in your billing process. Get reminders and notes done automatically, but in your controlled way.

Online payments

Collect payments and make buying from you easy. All the features you need to create a seamless experience in online payments.

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